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Give Your Holiday Greeting Cards a Personal Twist With Minted

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A crucial part of the holiday season is catching up with loved ones — especially those out of town, state or country. Holiday greetings cards are a time-honored tradition to wish your friends and family well and to catch them up on your past year. And since you’ll be sharing them far and wide, it makes sense to put a little effort into the presentation.

Ditch the generic holiday greetings cards that anyone can buy at their local pharmacy or big box store and put a personal twist on your season’s cheer with Minted, where a community of independent artists can help you find the perfect card or work with you to create something entirely unique.

The Benefits of Minted

It’s 2022 and nobody has the time to sit down and mass produce holiday greetings cards by hand anymore, but that doesn’t mean you should be sending out generic, unimaginative cards to friends and family. Aunts and uncles, parents and grandparents, cousins and far-off siblings all want something personal. Something that shows that you put thought and effort into your holiday message. They may even want to display your holiday greeting cards in their own homes for some time after they receive them, as loving reminders of your connection. 

That’s where Minted comes in. 

Minted will help you create warm, elegant and highly personal cards that your loved ones will cherish by giving you control over the layout and messaging (and by offering you expert advice any time you feel lost or overwhelmed).

Complete Customization

It begins and ends with customization. Remember, generic is bad, low effort is boring. Minted gives you a massive array of customization options, beyond just which card design you choose. 

To begin with, you can search unique, artist-created cards based on their greeting (generic, holiday, Christmas, New Year, etc), printing type (flat, foil-pressed, letterpress or gloss-press), silhouette, and orientation (portrait, landscape, postcard, ornament or even booklet).

Once you’ve chosen a design, you’ll have even more options available to personalize your card, including paper quality. Options include smooth Signature made from 100% post-consumer waste and offering high-quality photo print; Signature,made from a thick, heritage stock with a velvety cotton texture; and Pearlescent, made from 30% post-consumer waste with a shimmering, luminous finish. You can also choose your foil color, as well as quantity, of course. 

You’ll even be able to customize finishing touches, including the quality and design of the envelope or the addition of a wax seal, so before your recipients even read your card, they’ll know thought and care was put into the sending.

Minted App Takes the Chore Out of Addressing

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If you’re sending dozens of holiday greetings cards, writing out each individual address can be a cramp-inducing chore. Luckily, Minted’s clever app has you covered, offering a high-tech way to automate this tedious process.  

Using the app, you can scan the return address of every card you receive, saving it for future use, or import your mailing list from your phone or email contact list. Once you have all your contacts saved in the app, you can take advantage of Minted’s envelope addressing feature to receive free, professionally-addressed envelopes with the recipient’s names and addresses already beautifully and clearly printed out on the cards.

Consult an Expert

If you’re struggling to come up with a creative greeting card idea for the holidays, you can take inspiration from Minted’s design experts. Just text a family photo to CARDS (22737) and one of Minted’s Design Associates will respond to your text message with five design choices, all chosen based on the composition and layout of your photo.

QR Codes

One of the coolest and most high-tech features offered by Minted is the ability to add scannable QR codes to your holiday greetings cards. If you have set up a custom website for the holidays — or uploaded a family photo album or recording of you and yours wishing everyone well — you can direct your card readers to the URL of your choosing and give your friends and family an even more personal message. 

5 of Our Favorite Minted Holiday Cards

Year in Photos by Meggy Masters

Year in Photos by Meggy Masters
Image: minted

If you want to give your friends and extended family a glimpse into the last 12 months of your family’s life, check out this “Year in Photos” holiday card created by artist Meggy Masters. You’ll have full control over the card’s silhouette, size, paper and photos. With 12 photo options, you can choose distinct photos that represent from each month of the year or just include as many family moments as possible in a single collage of memories.

Price: From $198 for 105 cards

Joy Joy by Lori Wemple

Joy Joy by Lori Wemple
Image: minted

If you’re all about elegance and simplicity but still want a highly personal greeting card, check out “Joy Joy” by Lori Wemple. There’s only room for one photo on the card exterior, but the interior offers the potential for many more photos, if you so choose, or a larger landscape photo and more text. What really makes this option shine, is the color coordination between the card and the envelope. Play around with the Color Theme and Foil Color to create a totally unique impression. 

Price: From $231 for 105 cards

Pine Branch Arch by Cass Loh

Pine Branch Arch by Cass Loh
Image: minted

If you have one special photo or one standout image from the past year that deserves pride of place, pick the “Pine Branch Arch” card by Cass Loh to give it the showcase it deserves. The sloping silhouette helps focus the eye on the image itself, while there’s plenty of room for a greeting and family signature as well. And if you really want to make your photo pop, tinker with the contrast between the Color Theme and the Foil Color.

Price: From $231 for 105 cards

Adorn by MC Designs

Adorn by MC Designs
Image: minted

Maximize your photo real estate with “Adorn” card by MC Designs. It’s a simple but elegant landscape option with a prominent Christmas greeting taking up the bottom third. Because of the large print, this card really shines if you opt for one of the “Glittery” foil choices. 

Price: From $187 for 105 cards

Jolly Bunch of Elves by Ashley DeMeyere

Jolly Bunch of Elves by Ashley DeMeyere
Image: minted

Put some color and some cheekiness in your holiday message with “Jolly Bunch of Elves,” a playful card designed by artist Ashley DeMeyere. We love the multicolored text, large photo space and room for customization. This particular layout works well across a variety of card sizes, from the Grand 8-inch by 6-inch design to the 6-inch by 4.25-inch Postcard format, but there’s more room for interior photos if you opt for a larger card size. 

Price: From $187 for 105 cards

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