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The Best Deal This Week: 45% Off Dreamegg Portable White Noise Machine

The best deal this week is on a little machine that is advertised as being for babies, but that will help any adult sleep like one.

The Dreamegg Portable White Noise Machine for sleep is preprogrammed with 11 soothing sounds, including ocean, white noise, brook, lullaby, music box, vacuum cleaner, shushing, fetal tone, fair sound, cricket and fan. It’s rechargeable and, thanks to the ring, can be hung crib-side once charged. It also glows soothingly, so it doubles as a nightlight or a light for late-night nursing.

Right now, you can get it for $21.99 (45% off). This thing is worth it at almost $40 — and a steal at just above $20.

The Best Deal This Week

Dreamegg Portable White Noise Machine – $21.99


I first became acquainted with this small but mighty sleep-aid when I was staying with friends who have a kid. The kid was with her grandparents, so I got her room, complete with twin bed, “Frozen” bedding and the white noise machine.

I ran the white noise machine all night. The next morning, I woke up, felt vibrations in the bed frame and realized they were caused by the rattling of the lawn mower outside the window that I COULDN’T EVEN HEAR, thanks to the gentle but robust “whooshing” of the white noise machine.

I’ve tried cheaping out on white noise machines over the years, trying other portable ones for travel that just didn’t cut it. The white noises sounded too “tinny.” This little model, however, has a bit more heft, so it packs some nice base. But it’s still light enough to pack for a trip.

… I didn’t steal it from my friends, though (as much as I wanted to).

Reviewers agree this white noise machine is amazing. It has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon and 4,999 reviews. One drawback is that you have to remember to charge it. It’ll last all night, reviewers say — but you’ll need to plug it back in so it’s ready for nap time (yours or your child’s).

Shopping for a baby? This white noise machine fits in a diaper bag and cancels out all disruptions so your child’s sleep won’t be interrupted.

Shopping for yourself, a fully grown adult? I found the fetal noise setting to be the most soothing.

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