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Introducing the Most Sublime Spring Beauty Looks for 2022

Spring is springing, and it’s a time that’s synonymous with renewal: Fresh flower buds are blooming, tree leaves are growing, the sun stays out longer, babies in the wild seem to be everywhere and the temperatures are moderate. And with more tolerable weather also comes the lighter apparel from the back of closets everywhere. As people reemerge like bears after a longer winter of hibernation, we’re all ready to embrace the new spring beauty trends.

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The top designers at the biggest spring fashion shows include copious amounts of glitter, metallics, bright hues, glossy lips, Pegasus-inspired winged eyeliner, eyelashes in mega lengths, and negative space lines to go with the spring trends. And for minimalist beauty lovers, don’t panic. Alongside brighter cosmetic options are still plenty of natural-looking makeup for you because that trend is here to stay.

These are the top spring beauty trends to fill your 2022 (and beyond) with joy, so get ready to bloom, baby — bloom!

7 Spring Beauty Trends to Try Now

1. Skinimalism

Image: Tula

The no makeup look has gained traction over the last two-ish years, and in 2022, it’s bigger than ever — skin minimalism. Skinimalism is continuing to be one of the biggest beauty trends this year and means choosing products that do double duty. According to experts at Deep Science:

“Skiminalism is focused on simplicity. Rather than using a cocktail of cleansers, toners, creams, serums, masks, and treatments, it can be distilled down to three key elements: cleansing and refreshing, treating, and protecting.”

Deep Science recommends using an exfoliating cleanser with AHA or BHA for whisking off dead skin cells and impurities, followed by a treatment product to address your skin needs, including an alcohol- and scent-free toner. Top off your skin regime with a moisturizer containing sunscreen.

You can extend the skinamalism trend into your makeup looks, too. Try embracing a more natural look by using tinted moisturizers in place of pricey foundations, for example.

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2. Nailscapes: Celestial, Aurora and Desert Nails

Image: Pinterest

Whether you’re ready to take the plunge or learned to hone your self-mani skills after rediscovering old polish colors in the back of a drawer, adding minimal and graphic designs are an easy way to get creative with your mani. Think subtle curves, angled lines and simple, geometric patterns.

“This year, my nail designs are less color blocking and more coastlines and butterflies. Nailscapes are all about little odes to nature. I think everyone will start requesting a set of ocean-inspired art on their fingertips.”

@tathsrodrigues, Pinterest

Nail trends in 2022 are heavily leaning toward the elements found in nature — nail art designs inspired by auroras, geodes, deserts and constellations. While it may sound overly complicated to DIY at home, there are plenty of solutions to assist you on your quest for the perfect nails. This YouTuber has a great how-to video for the aurora nail trend, which has many steps but at least gives you a good idea for how to achieve a similar look.

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3. The Octopus Haircut

Image: ES Escapist / Instagram

The what? Yep, that’s right — octopus haircuts are a BIG thing in 2022! So, what’s an octopus haircut? I’ll explain, but it’s way cuter than what you’re probably picturing. Think mullet-esque meets a heavy shag. Still not convinced?

“It’s super versatile both in terms of who it flatters and how you can style it. There are octopus haircuts for curly hair and straight hair, octopus cuts for short hair and long hair, and everything in between.”

Wendy Rose Gould,

The octopus is a more rounded cut and bulbous on top, with wispy layers falling down and spreading out (like tentacles). It works best on those with wavy, thick hair, but anyone can easily achieve this look. As you can see, there are many variations and lengths, so the sky’s the limit.

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4. Bejeweled Beauty

Image: Pinterest

Remember when the BeDazzler was THE tool to have? It lets you take a plain, ordinary T-shirt and “bedazzle” it with rhinestones, sequins and anything that sparkles. Well, that same idea is finding its way into the beauty trends of 2022. The trend stems from the HBO show “Euphoria” last year, and it’s on repeat this year as a quick and easy makeup pick-me-up.

Keep your eye makeup minimal or bare, place some glitter or stickers above or even below the eye, and voilà — you’re ready to shine. And if you’re going for an Edward Cullen-esque all-over sparkle, Unicorn Snot’s Holographic Glitter Gel ($15) comes in six colors.

Image: Sunni Gonzalez / Pinterest

Here’s what this trend looks like: Pedicures with rhinestones, tooth gems, jewel-inspired eye shadows, face and nail jewels and ear bling are just some ways to infuse this trend into your own look. You can go big with your bedazzle or choose subtle bedazzling — either way, you can’t go wrong with some sparkle. Check out @sunnigl for more beauty tips.

Looking for the faux freckle look? Read Get Cute Faux Freckles With These Affordable Freckle Products.

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5. Refillable Beauty Products

Image: Credo Beauty / Fenty Beauty / Leif Products

Beauty mavens who are also environmentally conscious will adore this trend. And it’ll make you wonder why this hasn’t been happening all along. Besides creating less waste and bringing a big smile to Mother Nature’s lips, forgoing a beauty product’s container and opting instead for a refill can save thousands of pounds in waste. This trend also taps into the mindful menstruation trend of eco-friendly period products.

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6. Skin Icing Cryotherapy

Video: Contour Cube / TikTok

A trend repopularized by TikTok, skin icing, or cryotherapy, is literally “cold therapy.” Originally used to treat arthritis, the plethora of benefits quickly spilled over to treat other ailments, including migraines, inflammation and muscle recovery. Whole-body “cryo chambers” cool and numb the body in roughly three minutes. For your face, cryotherapy helps with acne, puffy eyes, saggy, tired skin by instantly lifting, firming and rejuvenating your complexion, according to Healthline.

But before you quickly reach for a bag of frozen peas, the beauty industry has created better ways to get your cryo on at home. Tools like a Contour Cube, which lets you add your own ingredients, stainless steel cryotherapy rollers, ice globes and masks are pretty affordable and can give you a spa-like at-home cryotherapy treatment. Note: Use a facial serum before applying a cryotherapy tool to your face.

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7. Bold Eyes

As a trend seen pretty much year after year, accentuating the windows to the soul — the eyes — is the way to go in 2022. After the last couple of years have been more about minimalist makeup, people are ready to do it up again as they return to the world after a long hiatus.

Pops of color, smokey eyes, bright shades, graphic negative space liners, winged eyeliners and epic lashes are inspirations for the cosmetics aisles this season. And these trends continue into fall, so you can stretch your dollar even further.

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