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Where to Find the Stanley Adventure Quencher in Stock

Sept. 9 update:

The Stanley Adventure Quencher 40-oz. cup was RESTOCKED at REI on Sept. 8. Two colors were available for shipping and store pickup. As of Sept. 9, we’re seeing it sold out once again, but check back.

The Stanley Adventure Quencher 40-oz. cup has had several recent restocks at Dick’s Sporting Goods. We saw up to six colors available for shipping, limit of five cups per order, heading into Labor Day weekend. As of Sept. 6, it’s out of stock again, but we’re hopeful to see it come back. In fact, Dick’s is the first place we check for this chronically-sold-out cup every day.

Every doctor, nutritionist and fitness buff will tell you staying hydrated is one of the most important ways to maintain overall health and wellness. But it can be tough to meet your daily water/hydration needs, especially when you are out and about. You can buy a drink or bottle of water, but when you consider the cost of single serve drinks and, more importantly, the ecological impact of the associated waste, it makes much more sense to bring your own reusable drink to go. There are endless reusable cups and bottles on the market but It’s not easy to find really good reusable drink cups, so it’s no wonder that the clever, well-designed Stanley Adventure Quencher is in such high demand. 

In fact, last summer there was a waitlist of over 100,000 for this well-loved water vessel. If you aren’t dead set on getting a real Stanley, you can find many well-rated dupes. Patience or extra cash will pay off – if you are willing to wait, hunt or pay more than retail price, you can get the Stanley Adventure Quencher Tumbler. The Stanley Adventure Quencher 40 oz. with handle is especially sought after because it holds an impressive 40 ounces, keeps your drink cool or hot, looks stylish and fits into your car’s cup holder. Our guide informs you on all the best places to order your Stanley Adventure Quencher, but don’t blame us if it’s sold out. 

Why Is the Stanley Adventure Quencher Always Sold Out?

The Stanley Adventure Quencher 40 oz. Tumbler is always sold out because it’s a full-blown internet star. In a recent article by Forbes, they mentioned that restocked products sell out in 24 hours. While we wouldn’t call $40 cheap, the Stanley Adventure Quencher is affordable enough to make it a wildly popular internet sensation. If all the reviewers, bloggers, Instagram accounts and TikTok videos are right, it’s popular also because it truly is a well-designed and useful product. The Stanley Adventure Quencher 40 oz. Tumbler is made of insulated stainless steel, comes in stylish colorways, offers multiple lid configurations for different uses and has an ergonomic handle. It also keeps drinks hot for seven hours, cold for 11 hours and iced for up to two whole days. 

Where Can I Find the Stanley Adventure Quencher Now?

The in-stock status of the Stanley Adventure Quencher is always shifting. But here’s exactly where to check for it.

1. Stanley Website

Stanley Adventure Quencher Travel Tumbler

Visit Stanley’s official website to learn about their current products and inventory. All colorways of the Adventure Quencher Travel Tumbler 40 ounce are sold out, last we checked. You can enter your email address to be notified when the product comes back in stock. Just act fast when you get that email.

If you are open to smaller sizes without handles there are plenty of other Adventure Quencher Travel Tumblers in stock now.

2. Williams Sonoma

Stanley Adventure Quencher 40 oz. Tumbler

Williams Sonoma sells the Stanley Quencher 40 oz. Tumbler in several colorways, but not nearly as many colors as on Stanley’s site. The Stanley Quencher 40 oz Tumbler is not available for immediate purchase but you can pre-order it for future delivery. If you don’t mind waiting a fairly long time, this is one way to order now. 

How long will you have to wait? When I checked in early September, the some colors were available for shipping in early January. Others won’t ship until late January. Not quite in time for the holidays, unfortunately.

If you’re willing to go down a size and get the 30-oz. version, the wait isn’t quite as long — some colors are shipping in early November, others in December.

3. Dick’s Sporting Goods


Dick’s Sporting Goods sells the Stanley Adventure Quencher 40 oz. online and in stores. We last spotted two colors online in stock for shipping on Aug. 31, as well as limited supply available for in-store pickup.

4. Target

Stanley Adventure Quencher Tumbler

Target sells the Stanley Adventure Quencher 40 oz. online and in-store. They did not have any stock available for pickup, delivery or to ship. However, I did see that there were some in stock at other stores nearby. Click on the “Show in-stock stores” red button to see what inventory is available. The nearest store with inventory was 48 miles away. If you’d rather not drive, you can sign up for in-stock email alerts, so you’ll know there’s availability online.

5. Amazon

Stanley The Big Grip Travel Quencher, Chambray

Amazon sells the Stanley Adventure Quencher 40 ounce, listed as Stanley The Big Grip Travel Quencher. You will however pay for the privilege of finding this coveted cup available, due to it largely being available from marketplace sellers (who are marking up the price). Depending on colorway, the cups are priced from $79.95 to a jaw dropping $275. 

6. Poshmark

Stanley Adventure Quencher 40 oz. Tumbler

Poshmark sells, or rather resells, new Stanley Adventure Quencher 40 oz. Tumblers, and they have a variety of colorways in stock now. However, you will pay way more than the retail price for these items. They range in price from $80 to $150. If you have money to burn and need this item now, this is a good resource. Learn how to sell your stuff on Poshmark.

7. REI


We saw TWO colors of the 40-oz. Stanley Adventure Quencher in stock on Sept. 8 for shipping AND free curbside pickup. We didn’t expect this restock to last long and, indeed it sold out out by the next day.

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