The Best Sources for Ecommerce News and Information in 2020

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Staying on top of what’s going on in the ecommerce industry, as well as learning about new business models, strategies, and tactics, is important to success.

Depending on your particular role and interests, you may be interested in the latest news about eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, or other ecommerce marketplaces. Or maybe you run your own ecommerce store and want to improve your Google ads, your social media strategy, or your conversion rates to increase online sales.

The Lean Luxe tagline reads, “Rigorously defining what luxury now means today, and covering the businesses at the forefront.” Each newsletter combines original reporting and interesting, relevant content from across the web.


2PM offers a weekly Monday Letter that covers the latest developments in media, brand, data science, and ecommerce, and includes a wide breadth of news, original insight, and links to other interesting content. It also offers a paid Executive Membership, which consists of three briefs per week and a weekly report.

Chips + Dips.

Emily Singer’s Chips + Dips covers the “intersection between ecommerce, tech, and branding,” with a new issue every few weeks that includes a roundup of interesting stories from across the web (the chips) and an in-depth dive into current topical content.

Full Court Press.

Full Court Press comes from Marco Marandiz, who currently heads marketing for Eliott. His newsletter is full of insights into DTC marketing, branding, and the ecommerce industry. The first issue dropped at the end of December.

Retail Brew.

Retail Brew is great for short, snappy industry updates and hits your inbox twice a week. Also check out their Morning Brew for general news and Emerging Tech Brew to stay up on all the innovative technologies.


Focused on intersections of media, retail, culture, brand, and marketing, Digiday’s daily newsletter comes with a synthesis of recent industry trends with links to relevant articles for more. Many of the stories are free, but there is also a membership opportunity for more.

The Hustle.

The Hustle is not ecommerce- or retail-specific, but it is one of the best general daily newsletters for keeping up with the biggest stories of the day. Bonus points: the copywriting is fantastic.

Vogue Business.

This one is focused on the fashion industry (surprise, surprise) but it’s worth considering even if that’s not your niche. It provides a global perspective on business and technology in fashion, and so touches a lot of areas of interest across ecommerce. The newsletter includes original reporting and curated content from across the web.


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