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CircleK is back with “daily” prizes! Plinko style, 1/3 chance of success. Must use US based cell number.

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CircleK is again with “each day” prizes! Plinko model, 1/3 likelihood of success. Should use US based mostly cell quantity.

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  1. You’re not guaranteed to win something every day like last month, but still pretty cool. There’s also some big prizes like gift cards, though I’m sure the chances of getting them are infinitesimal.

  2. [Link is as shown in screenshot.]( Plays daily, I keep the tab open on my phone all month long. Prizes store to the end of the third day. (I just did it midnight ET so it shows almost 4 days of saving them.)

    Wasn’t clear last time if this goes for their Canada locations. You have to have a US based number (someone else said +1 wasn’t good enough when they tried), plus all offers are at participating locations only. If I lived in Canada I might try using a VOIP, but then wouldn’t know if they could take the coupon in store if that worked anyway lol.

  3. I hope they don’t offer a prize of those peanut butter filled pretzels again cuz those things were addictive and I cannot under any circumstance have them in my house

  4. Just a reminder for those who don’t have Circle K in their area, Holiday is also owned by them and has the same promotion here:

  5. Interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Where is circle k located?

  7. Heh I got a red bull as well.

    I won a bunch of stuff last month but never had a chance to stop.

  8. I love these but just about every time I’ve won something significant like NOS energy, some obscure Mountain Dew flavor, random Monster energy flavor, coffee in glass bottle, etc., none of the stores that participate have them.

    At least this looks like more obtainable prizes

  9. Got pork rinds. I got some sort of snacks everyday last month

  10. I just signed up and won some kind of cool rainbow drink! Pretty cool, thanks!

  11. How do you play?

  12. I won A free Circle K Pork Rinds (3 oz) Choose from 4 flavors at participating locations in Drop & Win Circle K and want to gift it to you!

  13. Reply
    March 8, 2022 at 8:54 pm

    Is there a way to check for participating Circle Ks in this promotion?

  14. Good looks! Can’t wait to see what I win, lol. I skipped signing up for their text program because ew no.

  15. [removed]

  16. Does this go on till the end of the month as well?

  17. If anyone else has issues signing up (phone number not being accepted), try unchecking the second box. Seemed to fix it for me, though may have been a coincidence tok

  18. Didn’t win today, 1st try 😔

    What is the best prize you’ve won so far? 🤔

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