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Cubii gives you the freedom to work out while you sit with a good book, watch your favorite show, or work at your desk. You”ll be able to move a little more without changing your routine. This bundle gives you the Cubii Pro Compact Seated Elliptical, Cubii Cushii Lumbar Cushion, and Cubii Workout Mat. All the essentials to take fitness and relaxation anywhere.

Featured on Good Morning America, Amazon, Google, QVC, and Inc 500

Cubii Pro

  • Bluetooth-connected. Syncs with the Cubii mobile app to help you track your distance pedaled, calories burned, & more

  • Patented whisper-quiet design. Lets you pedal smoothly without noise disruptions while you read, work, watch TV, or talk on the phone

  • App sync. Connects to Apple HealthKit, Fitbit, & Apple Watch to sync your workout efforts across all apps

  • Adjustable. Choose between 8 levels of resistance to find the right intensity level for you

  • Fitness equipment. Burn up to 150 calories an hour while you pedal & read your favorite book, call an old friend, work, or workout

  • Sleek & compact. Sits perfectly in front of your favorite chair or couch; fits under almost any desk or table

Cubii Cushii

  • Lumbar support. Gently enforces good posture & healthy spinal alignment

  • Multi-purpose. Helps reduce stress on your lower back, prevent muscle fatigue/tightness, & increase blood flow

  • High-quality memory foam. Curves to the unique shape of your back

  • Lightweight & portable. Weighs only 22oz so you can take it anywhere

  • Breathable mesh outer layer. Keeps your back comfortable; removable & washable

  • Versatile. Fits most seats, chairs, & wheelchairs

  • Adjustable strap. Allows for perfect & secure placement

Cubii Workout Mat

  • Floor protection. Reduces the likelihood of scuff marks or scratches on carpet and hardwood floors

  • Non-slip surface. Personally tested & approved to add additional grip to floors

  • Easy to clean. Made of yoga mat-like material

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