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  1. Free shipping in Canada and $7 shipping to US.

    Tried with an Iowa address.

  2. Have to pay for shipping, at least for me 😭

  3. $7 for me to the US

  4. The way i got free shipping to work is on my mobile, i opened link on google chrome browser and it took me to a mobile site that processed the order without shipping fees.

  5. Worked for me. Free shipping to Texas.

    Edit: They just emailed me saying due to popularity my order is cancelled. 🙁

  6. My order was just cancelled!

  7. Cancelled, this happened once before as well

  8. Nice one! Thanks

  9. $7 Shipping

  10. Free to Michigan, thanks!

  11. Seven dollars shipping for a “free” sample. No thanks.

  12. Thanks for your interest in our sample kits.
    Unfortunately, due to popular demand, our sample kits are currently out of stock. Your Riversol order, has been canceled.

  13. This was weird: on my laptop, I was charged shipping, yet when I tried it on my phone just now—- it was free. Maybe mobile is the key….?

  14. Free to Tampa, FL!

  15. $7 shipping on mobile to Midwest US address.

  16. Signed up for last time and never received

  17. This is a great sample! Substantial amount of product. The only problem is I fell in love with it and can’t fathom affording the real product

  18. damn how yall getting free shipping? It says 7 bucks for me in jersey

  19. $7 shipping to Mass

  20. They ended up sending me two samples last month. Looking forward to trying them!

  21. I tried this a week ago on my phone and it was charging me 5$. I just tried again on my phone and got free shipping. So I guess that it’s random.

    By the way I’m in Canada.

  22. I got it but never used it because it didn’t have separate packets for each day – you have to use each packet over a couple of days, which is unhygienic and would clutter up my bathroom counter. How hard would it have been to make smaller, single-use packets?

  23. $7 shipping for Colorado 😕

  24. As much as I’d love to try it and because I’m still at the beginning stages of understanding all of the types of skin care products and which work best for me and within a budget. Appreciate the offer but I can’t see myself possibly waiting money to ship it when it may not be the perfect product for me

  25. iPhone user shipping to west coast. Opening link in safari resulted in $7 shipping. Opening the link in *chrome* on my iPhone resulted in free shipping.

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