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  1. This is gonna crash like the stimulus website two years ago

  2. Ordering begins 1/19/22.

    4 per household.

  3. Anyone know what time/time zone? Because if it is anticipated to run out quick or even crash, I obviously want to try to be ready for it the moment it opens.

  4. We have this in the UK, what on earth do you do in the US? Can you pay for them at home or do you need PCRs all the time?

  5. It says it goes live tomorrow but I was able to order my test just now. Says they will ship in late January.

  6. it’s four per mailing address total. government bought 500 million worth of tests. they are planning to do another round in the future

    so yeah hope you aren’t at risk of exposure more than four times!

    additionally, they are requiring private insurance to cover up to eight tests per month which like .. screw you, dude. people without insurance (i. e. the most vulnerable population) get left out, and I’m so 100 percent positive insurance companies are going to make this a ridiculous process. wonder how much they paid to make that happen

  7. Thanks for the reminder!

  8. Glad tests are finally being made available two years into the pandemic. Maybe we should have done this like two years ago but that’s ok, not like anything happened since then.

  9. Alas, I’m pretty sure I had it about a week ago. And I think I got it while trying (for several days) to get free tests at the drug store. So much waiting in line and I couldn’t get any. (We were supposed to be able to get them paid for through the state’s Medicare service.)

    But it was nice to have them before Solstice, when my mom came to visit and I took a test right before she came. Was at least a bit comforting that I wouldn’t give it to her.

  10. So we have about 15 minutes until someone figures out how to exploit this. I’m not going to do it, but I’m pretty sure I already know how it will be exploited.

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  13. Do these things have a shelf life?

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  15. Can’t wait to order these, wait 6 months for delivery, then get them promptly stolen from my porch or have my mailbox broken into so some scoundrels can scalp them on OfferUp!

    (Kidding / not kidding aside, I am happy to see some help coming, whether big or small.)

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