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  1. Really hate how much they‘ve watered down incentives for existing users. At least the pizza is available elsewhere besides Walmart. Thanks for posting.

  2. why is ibotta constantly making me link my walmart account, by signing in my walmart account it simply sends me to the home screen of ibotta and my account remains unlinked.

  3. iBotta is currently offering the following “free” (depending on in-store prices these could be a money maker, free, or a rebate) snacks for new users (already-registered users only have access to the free pizza):

    1. RED BARON® Pizza ($4.49 cashback)
    2. Bubly Sparkling Water ($3.89 cashback)
    3. Litehouse Dip & Spread ($3.79 cashback)
    4. Mission Tortilla Chips ($2.99 cashback)
    5. Kraft Shredded Cheese ($2.99 cashback)
    6. Nestle Toll House Cookie Dough ($2.69 cashback)

    More information and links to T&C: [](

    As a new user you can also get a $10 reward by using a referral code (you can easily find them online or PM me if you want mine).

  4. Seems like I need to refer someone in order to unlock $15 in offers for free Big Game snacks. If anyone wants to help me out and get a $10 reward as a new user. Pm me so I could give you my referral code. Thanks! 🙂

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    March 7, 2022 at 3:15 pm

    That Ranch is GOAT (only barely past this one homemade stuff from my hometown at the mom n pop bbq sammy place. I’m sure they just use this as a base and make it WAYYYY more unhealthy).

  6. I noticed there’s also a new offer for free **So Delicious Dairy Free Cheese!**

  7. I only have the Red Baron pizza as a free offer on my account.

  8. [deleted]

  9. Anybody knows if this offer works anywhere and not just at Walmart?

  10. I have a hard time getting referrals. The one co worker who is always interested in such things never follows thru with any of the links I send her. 😢

    So I guess I won’t complain about my free freshetta pizza. But like others said the Thanksgiving deal was disappointing this yr as I was referred the previous thanksgiving and got everything I could find.

  11. Has anyone tried to redeem for the Litehouse dip? I bought the Spinach & Parmesan but when I scan the barcode after submitting the receipt it says the product isn’t valid. I’ll contact Ibotta customer service, but wondered if others have found the same thing.

    Plus, the kraft shredded cheese offer never showed up for me…

  12. Do you need to purchase the pizza at Walmart? I see the Walmart logo beneath the offer but it also says available at other stores.

  13. If anyone wants to be my referral I’ll just wait here patiently for you

  14. I can’t add anything…maybe sites dead

  15. At first I thought this was a r/FuckNestle post.

  16. Suppose I might as well mention that I, too, have a referral. PM etc etc! Just need the one, so I’ll edit this if someone does sign up and let others have their chance for freebies.

  17. Anybody know what’s up with Red Baron bacon pizza? I haven’t been able to find it in probably a year. As someone who doesn’t love pepperoni, it was one of my few frozen pizza options.

  18. ~~If you are wanting to sign up, you can PM me and I’ll send you my referral.~~

    ~~I will only refer one person so that others can get their referrals as well.~~

  19. [deleted]

  20. PM if anyone would like a referral code! Thanks in advance 🙂

  21. PM for referral code!

  22. I have a referral code! PM me if you need it! I need help unlocking it.

  23. Pm me if you need a code! Share the wealth

  24. I have referral codes, pm me!

  25. If someone wants a referral
    I could help😉


  26. PM me if you need a referral code!!

  27. [deleted]

  28. I have a referral code if anyone needs. PM me ☺️ online now

  29. “snacks”….

  30. [deleted]

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    March 7, 2022 at 3:15 pm

    Is it expired?

  32. [deleted]

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