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Free pancakes at IHOP on March 1st for National Pancake Day

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Free pancakes at IHOP on March 1st for National Pancake Day

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  1. IHOP usually fills up on free pancake days. I’m talking over 30 minute wait to get in, lots of screaming children, etc.

  2. Please remember to TIP YOUR SERVERS!!! This day is HELL for them and they often don’t get tipped enough on this day

  3. For one of the rare times a freebie valid in Canada appaears… No IHOP in my province 🙁

  4. I hate the way we were treated and the service we received at our local IHOP. I wouldn’t even go back for free food.

  5. Valid for Canadians too. It’s one free short stack (3 buttermilk pancakes) proceeds go to the local children hospital

  6. National Pancake Day is on Fat Tuesday?

  7. When does it start though could I walk in at 1am on March 1st and get them

  8. Inb4 my location is closed again because staff ain’t putting up with bullshit customers

  9. I went to this one time in college but I think I’d rather make pancakes at home than deal with the crowd tbh

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    March 5, 2022 at 9:08 am

    I got so excited until I checked the ingredients.

    Being health-conscious really sucks sometimes 😔

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