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Free wireless headphones from Micro Center

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Free wi-fi headphones from Micro Middle

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  1. How legit are they though?

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    March 11, 2022 at 3:54 am

    Allow me to add a contrarian POV

    I’ve used these and quite honestly they’ve been the best I’ve ever used (granted I’ve never had any expensive headphones). My experience with headphones has mostly been jlab and products off amazon.

    These are the only headphones that have lasted me for so long and are still going. I have to preface this. I use headphones to exercise. Every single set of headphones I’ve used have died because I sweat too much. All other headphones I’ve used are in ear and I guess that plays a part since it’s easier to get sweat on them. These ones I’ve put through pretty much everything. I’ve run in them. Lifted in them. Walked in them. I’ve gotten sweat all over them. Still survived. I’m using them right now.

    Plus all the other headphones I’ve purchased were either considered sport headphones or for active users with the IP whatever ratings (high IP ratings too). Still. They all died. This one is like a rock. Has not died and is still humming. Charges quickly. My $.02

  3. I have a pair

    They’re trash

  4. Am teacher. They work fine for tiny students. The price is right.

  5. I just signed up and got the email. Might go this week and try to get them.

  6. Not worth the trip to get these, really cheap. Other giveaways they do are better.

  7. Are they doing flash drive give away?

  8. I just picked them up today and I’m charging them. They feel hella cheap lol will update on them.

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