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Liquid Death: Free & Free Ship 2-Pack Koozies! Use code: KOOZIEBRAINS

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Liquid Death: Free & Free Ship 2-Pack Koozies! Use code: KOOZIEBRAINS

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    March 5, 2022 at 10:10 am

    Valid for value up to $8. They raised the price of all to $9 to stop the promo from working.

  2. Opps, im late. Not working anymore.

  3. Keeps saying the code isn’t valid for any of them for me

  4. Aaaand it’s dead jim

  5. Got the paper bag onces and the death from Castlevania looking one, badass thanks a ton OP!

    I love Liquid Death and always tell people about it, now I can show these off haha

  6. Awesome, thanks!

  7. Hope these come through!

  8. Could not find a set that qualified for the discount.

  9. This code gets you $8 off for the koozies. Got mine for $1, not free, but it’s something for you guys that missed out!


    Edit: Send me your email if you want one, I’ll send you another code

  10. Thanks! Worked for me.

  11. In for 1, you just have to deselect the extra care shipping thing.

  12. Awwww I love this brand! Their graphic design team kicks ass. Sucks it’s over, oh well.

  13. Omg I’m so sad I missed this one. I LOVE their water and branding.

  14. The kooziebrains code still works, but it requires a purchase of water. I did the survey to get the code & they didn’t advertise that a purchase would be required until the end of it. Disappointing, but oh well.

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