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    March 8, 2022 at 10:58 pm

    psa !! this is a rebate offer

  2. Here’s the link without all the tracking

  3. The picture of those just reminded me I have cookie dough in the fridge. Going to eat some rn, thanks!

  4. Oh these are so good! My fave is the Coconut Peanut Butter.

  5. only works in firefox

  6. Got my money the other day.

  7. Best protein bar hands down

  8. The website didn’t accept my receipt, even though all of the information was clearly visible.

    The receipt was manually reviewed and I received a text message a couple days later that said, “Hi, We just finished reviewing your receipt. Click this link to proceed”.

    So I did that, and the website had me give it my email address and phone number again, and then do text message validation to verify my phone number, and then I selected PayPal, clicked Get Rebate, and confirmed I wanted the $1.96 sent to my PayPal account.

    The screen went white. I scrolled to the top, and there was a message that said, “Error Happened”.

    And that’s it. I tried in multiple browsers, same result.

    I explained this in a text message to the number that texted me to the link to begin with. The reply was, “Default Help Message”.

    I think I’ve been scammed.

    Edit: I don’t *really* think I’ve been scammed.

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