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Parade: Free Women’s Mystery Underwear + Free Ship! It will say $0 at cart automatically

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Parade: Free Girls’s Thriller Underwear + Free Ship! It should say $0 at cart robotically

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  1. Just got a confirmation email! Thanks! I’ll keep y’all updated if they cancel the order.

    ETA: order was cancelled 5 minutes ago

  2. It says 7$…. wasn’t able to get it to work 🙁

  3. Didnt work for me, BUT I just mailed in some old clean underwear to their recycling program and I’m gonna get a new pair with my credits

  4. It worked, thanks! Hopefully they don’t cancel the order

  5. I just got an email saying that the order was cancelled. The email was kinda funny, but sort of insinuated that we’d “gotten away with” getting “everything for free”. Which is odd. It was a freebie in the first place, and we just got it without ordering anything else.

  6. These can and should get cancelled. It’s an error and clearly says “with purchase”. No need to make this harder on a company that made a mistake.

  7. At last, a free pair of used undies. Only downside is it’s a mystery whose

  8. We shall see if this works in a few days. Thanks! [](

  9. Got this email the other day:

    “It’s Alexia from Parade’s Data Team! I’m reaching out because you may have caught a bug in our system the other night and almost pulled off an amazing deal! We respect the hustle, but we can’t give you EVERYTHING for free. So here’s 20% off to shop, just use code BUG20 at checkout. You can get our newest limited-edition collection or, the mystery pair you had your eyes on.

    Don’t wait too long though, your code expires on February 28th.”

  10. Simply add the Mystery Pair underwear to cart and you will automatically get it for FREE. No code needed. No CC requires

    You’re supposed to get it for free with a purchase but it lets you add it to cart for free with no purchase

  11. Looks suspicious. /shrug

  12. My wife’s pelvis thanks you.

  13. got it, thank you!! been meaning to try them out

  14. Reply
    March 6, 2022 at 8:43 am



    edit: mine was canceled

  15. Parade is reliable! I have ordered from them many times. They are also sustainable, and use a lot to recycled materials! This is a good freebie. 🙂

  16. Thank you OP

  17. Got it! thanks 🙂

  18. Thanks! Fingers crossed for no cancellations!

  19. My order was canceled but it showed up at my door today lol

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