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  1. “Your order is confirmed
    You’ll receive a confirmation email with your order number shortly.”

    Worked for me, had to click Peace Out Perks > Ways to Earn > Follow on Instagram, then redeem for $10 promo code.

  2. It showed up as being sold out right as I was checking out 🙁

  3. They canceled my ordered

  4. I was able to do this yesterday but today got an email that my order was canceled.

  5. My order was canceled

  6. Thank You for the share! Easy to add points & easier to redeem w/out any payment info!!!

  7. On the bottom right page, there should be a “Peace Out Perks” in a pink bubble. Click on that and then click on “Ways to earn”. Then click on “Follow on Instagram” to get an additional 50 points. You should already receive the 50 points from creating an account.

  8. It kept trying to add on a route protection for .98¢ I had to go back 2 times to remove it. Got for free finally, thank you!

  9. Thank u

  10. [deleted]

  11. Thank you!!

  12. Ooo yay, thanks for posting!!

  13. “page not found”

  14. Just rec’d Tracking no. so Thank You!

  15. Cancelled

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