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St. Jude virtual Valentine’s Day card

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St. Jude digital Valentine’s Day card

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  1. Heads up: I did a freebie like this from St Jude before and have unsubscribed from their emails at least a dozen times. Use a throwaway email for sure

  2. A virtual birthday card… So like a jpeg, or an nft, or just an attachment?

    Lol, idk how you can charge for this outside the lunacy of nfts…

  3. E-cards are perhaps the most depressive shit ever to come out of the internet. It was designed to hook boomers into mailing lists… And they just kept coming

  4. Off-topic question: If we had a national healthcare system, would that make fundraising machine orgs like this obsolete?

  5. Just clicking on this makes you get St Jude mail for 10 years

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