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Starting today US insurance companies are required to fund 8 home covid test kits per user/month – post links here to insurance reimbursement forms as you find them?

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Beginning at present US insurance coverage firms are required to fund 8 residence covid check kits per consumer/month – put up hyperlinks right here to insurance coverage reimbursement kinds as you discover them?

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  1. Here’s a link to Cigna’s reimbursement form, can’t find all providers so far but let’s try to aggregate here, or let us know if there’s another place these are already aggregated?

  2. Aetna?

  3. But where can we buy the damn covid tests lol

  4. My wife works here in Mass and the company has Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois as a provider. I think this is the form for BCBS of Illinois.

    It seems like a generic form for prescription reimbursement, not covid test specific.

  5. Is this only for private insurance? Or for all uncluding Medicare/Medicaid? I’m usually private but i been making so little since Covid my kids are on CHIP and at one point i qualified for Medicaid so just wondering

  6. Creating a post to conslidate all the ones I’ve found on my own and ones from this post

    Anthem Blue Cross


    Aetna (@tranquility095)


    BlueShield Of California

    [](, [](



    Form, [](



    Requires account to see more info. Search for “Get reimbursed for a home test purchased outside Kaiser Permanente”

    UHC (@britchic40)


    orm, [](

  7. Please be nice to the pharmacy workers. The government placed this mandate without considering physical ability to do so. Insurances won’t pay like a regular prescription. You will need to submit payment to the insurance manually

  8. Why is insurance even involved here? Why isnt the fed just paid directly? Like if I can get them for free without insurance, which presumably means the fed pays for them, why then even involve the insurance company, who I’m sure bills more for that same test than uncle Sam pays? This country is an ass backwards joke.

  9. Thanks for help so far all. Wasted a ton of time trying to find something like this for a friend and wasn’t successful. Seems not all companies have a solution posted yet. I realize it’s not completely free as it requires insurance and likely reimbursement but this community seemed like a good fit —- note this is separate from /additional to the govt funded kits mentioned in another post which are free to order as of 1/19

  10. Just an FYI.

    I worked for, and my wife still works on the customer service side of a health insurance company (the ones with the cross and shield).

    Expect them to DRAAAGGG their feet on reimbursing.
    Almost guarantee they will lose, misplace, or mismanage these reimbursement forms.

    If BIG IF, they do process reimbursements, it’ll be weeks, if not months before you see a check.

  11. UPMC-

    Website with info (they’re making an online website for reimbursement but for now, it’s mail in only):

  12. Does anyone know if the insurance company reimburses you if you use an HSA account to pay for them?

  13. Got this link for Harvard Pilgrim here in MA but says they will not have the form available for reimbursement until Jan. 19th but to save receipts for tests purchased after Jan 15th

  14. Tricare link or Humana military link?

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    March 7, 2022 at 11:41 pm

    Anyone have Kaiser’s?

  16. I just went on my insurance sight where I post additional claims and uploaded my Amazon invoice for Covid tests and my receipts from my travel tests in Europe. Money was back in my account just days later (Aetna)

  17. [CVS Caremark]( has the form up.

    > At-home COVID-19 test reimbursement
    If you’ve purchased an at-home COVID-19 test on or after January 15, 2022, you may be eligible for reimbursement.

    > To submit a claim, members should visit the Plan & Benefits tab and select “Submit Prescription Claim.” If you’re eligible, you will see a link on the page that reads “Submit at-home COVID-19 test reimbursement claim.”

  18. Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC)

    Says you shouldn’t even need to pay anything out of pocket if you get the tests in person at a pharmacy and present your card. But here is the reimbursement form if needed.

  19. Its sad that free test kits are only now available in the US, 2 years into a pandemic. Most European countries have had free rest available for months.

    In the UK you just go into the pharmacy and ask for them.

  20. Step 1: Earn enough money to pay for health insurance.

    Step 2: Pay for health insurance.

    Step 3: Pray that you never ever get sick or injured.

    No problem.

  21. Blue cross blue shield?

  22. Blue shield of CA, you have to print out and mail in the form, leave it to insurance to make this process as complicated as possible.

  23. Apparently Medicare is not participating in this??

  24. Does anyone know if the purchase date has to be today onwards or if anytime in Jan works? I had snagged a few a week ago but unsure if I can submit the claim.


    Here is the form for Blue Shield of CA:

  25. I’m glad they’re doing this. But do people really need 8 tests a month?

  26. Anyone find Friday Health?

  27. [deleted]

  28. What if you bought tests before Jan 15?

  29. Send us Masks too!!

  30. Anyone know retroactive coverage?

  31. Western Health Advantage?

  32. Keystone?

  33. Reply
    March 7, 2022 at 11:41 pm

    Ambetter through Sunflower? I’m from Kansas, if that makes a difference.

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