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Wheel of Fortune Million Dollar Wedge Black Hoodie – free if you pick 2XL

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Wheel of Fortune Million Greenback Wedge Black Hoodie – free when you choose 2XL

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  1. Think we getting cancels?

  2. Ordered one just so I can be disappointed along with everyone else when it gets canceled

  3. 2 day shipping for free? This can’t be real, hope it is though.

  4. How do y’all find this stuff

  5. It was free. Free shipping as well. Not sure if it’s real but we’ll see

  6. I filled it out. Took my order. But… how can this be real? I mean, is it a glitch in their system?

  7. Thank you! Will be surprised if/when it shows up

  8. All of us fat as fuck, we should work on ourselves

  9. I’m scared I’m gonna order this and I get bankruptcy

  10. Not sure if I’m about go get a hoodie or a bill but I’m cold and broke so I’ll take this gamble

  11. Took my order just now.

  12. I went to their actual website and found it again. Fingers crossed this works.

  13. page not found

  14. Never got a cancelation email

  15. They cancelled my order

  16. We all got canceled sadly

  17. If I get mine I’m giving to a homeless man

  18. I’ve been looking for an excuse to gain weight. Lets gooo.

  19. Worked for me too….let’s cross our fingers lol

  20. Wow! It worked.

  21. No shipping to Ireland

    “Your cart has been updated and the items you added can’t be shipped to your address. Remove the items to complete your order.”

  22. Worked for me

  23. Thank op! My order confirmed.

  24. I spun the wheel! It’ll be too cool if it’s actually delivered! Thanks for sharing! 😀

  25. Just got a “order cancelled” email.

  26. If this actually works, anyone I see wearing this hoodie in person from now on will get free coffee and a high-five from me.

    Edit: 1 free coffee per person. Unfortunately, I’m not Wheel of Fortune.

  27. Got it thanks

  28. The one time it pays to be a fat guy! Everything is coming up Milhouse!!

  29. Holy moly thank you!

  30. I have no idea what I’m gonna use this giant hoodie for, but I got it

  31. Reply
    March 10, 2022 at 8:43 pm

    Worked for me! Didn’t even ask for payment info, so they may cancel the order but I’ll definitely not get charged

  32. Showing $42 now

  33. ORDER WOF1245xxxx

    Your order has been canceled

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